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that meant that he would accept the responsibility
of advising for or against the party and that he
would go with it. And the chief would give him
the names of all those who were to be of the
party. The medicine-man would then instruct
the chief to meet him at a given place on the
following night, and he would tell him cwhat the
spirits said' about their luck.

After the chief had left., the medicine-man
would hold his incantations with the 'spirits* and
secure his Vision' as to the outcome of the venture.

When the chief called the next night the medi-
cine-man would tell him how many we will 'take'
—kill—and how many the enemy will 'take'; and
if we were to 'take' many more than the enemy
he would advise the chief to go ahead and have
the fight.

The medicine-man accompanied every war
party; and on every fourth night out, while they
were looking for the enemy, he would hold
another communion with the 'spirits' to see if luck
was still with them*

To get in touch with the "spirits' while out on
the war-path, the medicine-man had to have the
head of a freshly killed buffalo, I was very
young when we went against the Crows on this
trips but I can well remember it; for I was scared
nearly out of my wits by the medicine-man.

On the fourth night out the medicine-man